How To: Rainbow Baking

Since my last post I have really been thinking a lot about my past baking endeavors (when Betty Crocker and I were on a first name basis) and I thought about my super delicious, super fun, super colorful psychedelic cake/cupcake recipe. I have yet to accomplish this recipe from scratch but it is in the near future (when wedding plans will be least of my worries). Even though I have not accomplished anything new, I decided I would share the psychedelic rainbow procedure. The original recipe called for diet sprite (I could never figure out why, so I left it out). I usually just use a Betty Crocker boxed white cake, and first of all follow the directions.

next, split the batter up into however many colors you want in your cake. (I chose 5 for my first cake) Then, with GEL food coloring (not liquid) mix in until you gain the desired color. I went VERY basic with my first cake. As most of you know your colors and the (this color+ that color=this color) equation, you can really have fun with this part.Next is very important. If you are making a cake you must line your colors up the way you want them to go for cake pan #1 and then line up the batter going the OPPOSITE direction in cake pan #2. BECAUSE… You use up the most of the first color in the first pan (about 2/3  of the color) and less of the first color for the second pan.(are you following me?) So you will pour a good bit of the first color (about 2/3  of the 1st color) and starting with a cup of the next color slightly pour less of each color until you get to the last color. This is a SERIOUS ART. For pan #2, pour the rest of the last color you used on pan #1 as your first color. You can get the idea from this photo:Then *Bake* it may take a little longer than it says on the Betty Crocker box because the food dye makes the cake a little more moist. This was a cake I made for Easter.So Yummy too:I have also made cupcakes. I still made 5 colors worth for the cupcakes but only used 3 colors when I poured them in the cupcake cups. However it can be done with all five colors. You use the same basic procedure as you would with the cake except a smaller version. Here is one of the many combinations of my Valentines Day cupcakes. This one was Pink, Red, and Blue.


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